Neil Young & The Ducks – Santa Cruz CA, 2 cd, 2023

Neil Young & The Ducks – Are You Ready For The Country? (Live)

Disco: 1
1 I Am a Dreamer (Live)
2 Younger Days (Live)
3 Gypsy Wedding (Live)
4 Are You Ready For The Country? (Live)
5 Hold On Boys (Live)
Disco: 2
1 My My My (Poor Man) [Live]
2 I’m Tore Down (Live)
3 Hey Now (Live)
4 Wide Eyed and Willing (Live)
5 Truckin’ Man (Live)
Disco: 3
1 Sail Away (Live)
2 Gone Dead Train (Live)
3 Silver Wings (Live)
Disco: 4
1 Human Highway (Live)
2 Your Love (Live)
3 I’m Ready (Live)
4 Little Wing (Live)
5 Car Tune (Live)
Disco: 5
1 Windward Passage (Live)
2 Leaving Us Now (Live)
3 Mr. Soul (Live)
Disco: 6
1 Two Riders (Live)
2 Honky Tonk Man (Live)
3 Sailor Man (Live)
4 Silver Wings (Set 2) [Live]

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