Joe Bonamassa Tales of time

Joe Bonamassa: Tales of time (2023)

Joe Bonamassa:
Tales of time (2023)

(Provogue Records)

Joe Bonamassa – “The Heart That Never Waits” (Live) – Tales of Time

1 Notches
2 The Heart That Never Waits
3 Curtain Call
4 Mind’s Eye
5 Questions And Answers
6 The Loyal Kind
7 Known Unknowns
8 Time Clocks
9 Evil Mama
10 Midnight Blues
11 Notches (BLU-RAY)
12 The Heart That Never Waits (BLU-RAY)
13 Curtain Call (BLU-RAY)
14 Mind’s Eye (BLU-RAY)
15 Questions And Answers (BLU-RAY)
16 The Loyal Kind (BLU-RAY)
17 Known Unknowns (BLU-RAY)
18 Time Clocks (BLU-RAY)
19 Evil Mama (BLU-RAY)
20 Midnight Blues (BLU-RAY)
21 I Didn’t Think She Would Do It (BLU-RAY)
22 Just ‘Cos You Can Don’t Mean You Should (BLU-RAY)
23 Mountain Time (BLU-RAY)
24 Dust Bowl (Bonus Feature)
25 Band Intros (Bonus Feature)
26 The Ballad Of John Henry (Bonus Feature)


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