Joan Armatrading – Live at Asylum Chapel (2022)

Joan Armatrading – Travel So Far (Live at Asylum Chapel, 2022)

1. Into the Blues (Live) (4:57)
2. Down to Zero (Live) (3:53)
3. Travel So Far (Live) (3:03)
4. All the Way from America (Live) (3:11)
5. This is Not That (Live) (3:30)
6. Invisible (Blue Light) [Live] (3:45)
7. I Like It When We’re Together (Live) (3:52)
8. True Love (Live) (4:29)
9. Heading Back to New York City (Live) (4:03)
10. Mama Mercy (Live) (3:14)
11. Empty Highway (Live) (6:11)
12. The Weakness in Me (Live) (3:22)
13. In These Times (Live) (3:10)
14. Natural Rhythm (Live) (3:00)
15. Already There (Live) (3:47)
16. Consequences (Live) (4:49)
17. Better Life (Live) (3:13)
18. Glorious Madness (Live) (3:02)
19. Promise Land (Live) (3:54)
20. No More Pain (Live) (3:35)
21. Love and Affection (Live) (4:15)
22. Kissin’ and a Huggin’ (Live) (5:14)
23. Drop the Pilot (Live) (3:40)
24. Me Myself I (Live) (4:05)
25. Willow (Live) (4:48)
26. To Anyone Who Will Listen (Live) (3:41)

One of Britain’s great singer songwriters, Joan Armatrading, celebrates 50 years in music this year with the release of the album Live at Asylum Chapel.

The BBC recently honoured Joan with a special screening of the show, which was streamed worldwide during lockdown last year for one night only, followed by the documentary about her life and career – ‘Me Myself I’.

The concert, from south London’s historic Asylum Chapel, features some of Joan’s most famous songs from her 50 year career, with ‘Drop The Pilot’, ‘The Weakness In Me’, ‘Me Myself I’ and ‘Willow’ sounding as vital as ever performed live. In addition, songs from her latest and acclaimed Top 10 studio album Consequences are given their live debut – ‘Natural Rhythm’, ‘Consequences’, ‘Already There’, ‘Better Life’, ‘Glorious Madness’ and ‘To Anyone Who Will Listen’.

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